Education & Events

New Jersey Chapter of the
International Association of Forensic Nursing

In an effort to provide information about forensic educational conferences and seminars to our members, we would like to share news of  the following upcoming forensic events.

*Please [email protected] us with any additional information you have on forensic conferences

  • SANE Events/Training
    • area Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Training Programs and Certifications, plus refresher classes and advanced training,
    • these are non-degree events – the degree-based training is linked below under “Forensic College/University Degree Programs”
    • not always regularly scheduled, as opposed to semester-length courses, and often based on need/interest and available resources/instructors
  • Death Investigation Events/Training
    • Medicolegal Death Investigation
  • Other Forensic Events
    • lectures and training that are not exclusively focused on SANE or Death Investigation
    • pediatric forensics, terrorism, geriatric forensics, etc.
  • Forensic College/University Degree Programs & Internet Courses
    • formal on-going education through universities, colleges, and online organizations
  • IAFN Scientific Assemblies
    • links to future and past Scientific Assembly information