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Tyrannosauruses smashing through the trees, Velasoraptors opening up doors, and dinosaurs only seeing moving objects, this seems like the stuff of a fascinating nightmare. There are some things about dinosaurs that we could only know about them if they walked on the Earth again. Jurassic Park tries to answer the question ‘what life would be like 200 million years ago?’. Jurassic Park is an awe-inspiring novel that is filled with thrills and leaves you wanting to read more. Jurassic Park created illustrations of animals that didn’t even exist with imagery that brought the animals to life. But the book has many problems. The novel Jurassic Park is overhyped, people that have watched the movie say that Jurassic Park is one of the greatest movies of all time. So people generally expect the novel to be just as good and make it sound that way. Jurassic Park is overrated because the novel science wasn’t accurate whatsoever, the chaos theory wasn’t used accurately, and the novel was too predictable. Micheal Crichton the author of Jurassic Park explains the science in creating and trying to control dinosaurs very well. Micheal Crighton gives a detailed description of how the dinosaurs are created from the start of how they got the DNA to a living dinosaur, and the process makes complete sense. But the science in this novel is completely wrong. To start DNA doesn’t survive as long as was said in the movie. DNA with perfect conditions can only last one million years, dinosaurs in the Jurassic period lived from about 200 million years ago to 150 million years ago. Also, the DNA that was found in the mosquitoes would be mixed with the DNA of the bug itself and not all of the DNA and the DNA is not a complete DNA strip of the dinosaur. In the novel, they try to explain this by saying that they mixed the DNA with frog DNA to fill in the gaps of the DNA strand. Putting in frog DNA can’t replace missing strands of DNA in a dinosaur. This type of technology simply cannot just create dinosaurs. These facts mixed with that Velasoraptors are much smaller and had feathers, the Tyrannosaurus Rex could not keep up with a jeep, most of the dinosaurs in the novel are not from the Jurassic period but form the Cretaceous period and Dilophosaurus isn't venomous makes Jurassic Park not so accurate of a novel. In Jurassic Park, Dr. Ian Malcom states that the reason that the park will be unsuccessful and ultimately why the park did fail is because of chaos theory, in the system any small change or action could have massive consequences and bring the whole system to collapse. While this does relate to the storyline slightly, it is not the reason why Jurassic Park failed. For example, it is not chaos theory that allows the dinosaurs to breed it is the fact that the scientist in Jurassic Park mixed frog DNA with the dinosaur DNA and the reason for the dinosaurs changing sex is just simple biology. It also was not chaos theory that lets the dinosaurs escape either. It was the fact that Dennis Nedry turned off all the control systems that set them loose. People could say that these are examples of chaos theory because those actions taken were unpredictable. However, the actions taken from the movie were predictable. If the scientists had done their research on frog DNA than they would have expected the dinosaurs to change their sex and reproduce. Even Dennis Nedry’s actions could have been predicted, he was in debt and other genetic research companies wanted the technology that InGen had. Chaos theory is stated so much in Jurassic Park it should have more relevance to the storyline. Jurassic Park is a good story and it is fun to read, nonetheless, the storyline is very easily predicted. From the beginning of the novel, everyone predicted that Jurassic Park was not going to succeed and the park was bringing down a couple of characters with it. Even the twists in the plot that were predictable. Everyone who has read this book could tell even before the park was falling apart that the animals had escaped and the dinosaurs had been breeding. Every action that was made by every character could have and was predicted throughout the whole book. For instance, when Grant had to leave the kids in the room by themselves the reader already knew they were going to be hunted by the Raptors, but the reader also knew they were also going to survive, the reader already knew that Muldoon was going to try to play the hero, the reader could tell that Nedry was going to cause a disaster by shutting all the security systems down and the reader knew that he was going to die. The predictability of the storyline acts jointly with the point that chaos theory doesn’t have to do too much with the storyline. Chaos theory has to do with unpredictability while the storyline is easily foreseen. The novel Jurassic Park is a good book that people should read. But the book itself is over-hyped and not as good as people say it is. The novel is overrated because the science in the novel, even though well explained, was not accurate. The chaos theory was not used in the storyline properly, and the novel was predictable. Sometimes books are just better as movies.
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